Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Warsaw, Poland

Are you looking for professional carpet or upholstery cleaning in Warsaw? You have just found the best option for demanding customers looking for high quality service.

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Who are we?

The company name (Dom Bez Alergii) translated to English means House Without Allergies. Starting the business with such brand, we wanted to highlight the advantages the differentiate us from other carpet and upholstery cleaning companies in Warsaw.

We managed to help plenty of our customers suffering dust mites or pet allergy to get rid of the allergens, by deep vacuum and steam cleaning…

Using professional hot water extraction machines, professional cleaning formulas and practical knowledge we are able to remove most of old spots and stains from carpets and furniture.

We share our expertise on our blog, where we post the articles with information and hinds about carpet and upholstery cleaning as well as dust mites allergy and house allergies prevention. Due to high expertise, we were invited to the morning show in TV to show the viewers the possible means for carpet cleaning...

We hope you do not mind, that our webpage is fully in polish - if you want to go through it you may use Google Translator to get the content in any language you want (we checked, that English version is quite fair:).

We provide the mobile services for our customers across whole Warsaw and surrounding cities (Legionowo, Łomianki, Piaseczno, Konstancin Jeziorna, Marki). We do the carpet, mattress and upholstery cleaning on the customer side (during one visit), without the need to move furniture or take away anything from you house…

Our services

See the short video, where we briefly show how do we work. If you want to see more movies check the video section or visit and subscribe our channell at YouTube.

Most important information about our services and technology you will find in the sections below...


Carpet cleaning

Typical carpet cleaning covers dry vacuum cleaning (you don’t need to do it on your own before our vist!), precleaning and spot removal and hot water extraction with professional nozzle with rotating brushes (similar as in professional cleaner like RugDoctor or Bissell). After such cleaning carpet are humid not wet and normally dries within 6-12 hours. 

Steam cleaning to kill the dust mites is an option for allergy sufferers.

starting from 15 PLN/sqm
minimum 70 PLN/piece

Upholstery cleaning

We clean sofas, armchairs and chairs. Cleaning starts with dry vacuum cleaning with special turbobrush  (people mostly do not vacuum their upholstery, so there is plenty of dust inside).

Prior to applying precleaning formula we do the “colour stability test” to ensure that the formula is safe for the fabric. Hot water extraction is the last step, which allows us to rinse all the dirt and precleaning detergents. There is no risk of water stains! The upholstery requires about few hours to dry.

about 30-40 PLN per seat
chair 20-30 PLN
small sofa 120-140 PLN

Mattress cleaning

Mattress cleaning is the service for allergy sufferers. Using dry vacuum cleaning with Kirby and steam cleaning we kill and remove most of the dust mites and other microorganisms that inhabit the interior of the mattress. Such cleaning gives significant allergy relief, but to keep the effect shall be repeated approx. 2 times a year.

We do not use hot water extraction on mattress, as this may cause the mold spores – if you are unhappy with the spots on stains on your mattress, take the cover (in most cases it should be possible) and simply wash it in the washing machine.

single mattress (90x200): 100 PLN
double mattress (160x200): 140 PLN

TechnologyWhat makes us the best choice for you?

Vacuum cleaning

Dry vacuum cleaning of carpets and mattresses using Kirby Avalir is the best way to effectively get rid of dust, sand, mites and animal hair from cleaned surfaces. The technology used in Kirby Avalir guarantees efficiency, anti-allergy filtering and that is not available for other solutions on the Polish market. The Kirby Avalir vertical vacuum cleaner uses gentle vibration to help stifle the dirt in the carpet or mattress - the outcome is significantly better than in the case of manual treatment.

Hot water extraction

While most of local companies uses Karcher Puzzi equipment (which is Home & Garden series and may be purchased by around 500 EUR!), we decided to acquire professional machines from Santoemma. This is the most efficient mobile carpet and upholstery cleaner, which outstands the competition in terms of working pressure and suction. It guarantees better results and shorter drying time – we believe that both of them are key success factors for most of customers…

Steam cleaning

Steam cleaning is the perfect solution for antiallergic cleaning. Steam at the pressure of approx. 5 Bar and temperature of 150 C rapidly kills all the dust mites, mold spores, bacteria and viruses, porcine, lamblie and other parasites, fleas, lice and other insects. Such cleaning is natural, ecological and safe for children, as we do not use any chemical treatment.

Contact details and practical information

When calling our phone, it may be possible, that the person will not be speaking English.

Please use the email or the contact form to ask for details or book the cleaning. If you want to get the price quotation, please send us the dimensions of carpet or photos of furniture to be cleaned.

We are the registred company, we may issue the invoice if required.

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